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Just three crazy kids *coughadultscough* obsessed with "Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?" Why are we obsessed? In the famous words of a Mrs. Manorama Bond (008), "inbhestigation kareka padi!"

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Happy New Year all you wonderful people! 

I have been listening to Rabba ve for the past 2 hours - on loop - cant stop! Getting flashbacks and everything! 

I dont know if this is a good or bad way to start my new year :/

hmmm well anyways heres to hoping all of you people have a happiness and love filled new year! 

Lets all have a great new year guys! 

- Titaliya 

muskaan95 replied to your post
hope uni goes well for the 3 of yu may god bless u with all the happiness in the world mwah stay blessed ladies!! :D glad to hear from you again :) xoxo
rangdeeni13 replied to your post
Awww aapko bhi and I miss you! The tag isn’t the tag without you guys! Hope you guys have a great Christmas and New Year! xxxx
Thank you so much for your kind words ladies! It’s incredibly sweet of you <3 

Wishing everyone a fantastic new year! 

When we started this blog, the three of us really needed a distraction. We found that so very conveniently in IPKKND, and later with the Tumblr fandom. The ride was wild! From collective fangirling over Sobti’s face (hair/abs/you-fill-in-the-blanks/etc.) to sympathizing with Khushi to clashing opinions on the quality of the show, we’ve been through the typical ups and downs of a fandom. Despite the craziness, it was fun!

Then the show had to come to an end, and it was rather bittersweet. Part of the experience had become so much more than the show itself - it was about the interactions we had with the fandom and the friendships we made. I know I personally made some amazing friends! The whole experience went from being about fictional people to REAL people. You guys. All you amazing people :3

As 2013 draws to an end, we wanted to wish everyone a fantastic holiday season and New Years! We hope 2014 ushers in better things for everyone - may it be a year of wishes and dreams come true! Maybe it will be the year you find your 5ever-wala hamesha pyaar? :)

- Pagalia

Why haven't you guys been doing anything on this blog; the IPK tag misses you!


Super sorry! Life just gets in the way sometimes you know? Besides, once the show ended, there wasn’t really much for us to do other than reminisce (which we sorta kinda do).

We won’t ever forget how much fun it was updating this blog and interacting with the rest of the fandom. You guys are amazing and we miss you too!

Alas, life has to go on, and doesn’t wait for people to keep their blogs up to date haha. We’re all in our third year of university now, with big things on the horizon, and we’re super excited about where life is taking us. We hope everyone else can say the same thing! <3



Sugar alllll the way ;)

Depending on the type too it can be super sweet. Super sweet like KKG :D

Pagalia would shamelessly eat it like chips though

Can you give me the URL of your personal blog? Thanks, love ya! :-)

Sorry if this is SUPER late! Thank you for the love <3

There’s three of us haha - hover over our names for the links to our personals! :)

That promo resurrected me from my hiatus! 

StarPlus. Whut. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. What is this? Yeh kya hai?

I am seriously so confused.


Why are you calling a show that doesn’t feature the same people, the same storyline (other than a dickhead lead), the same ANYTHING, IPK Part 2? I mean, you didn’t even keep Khushi. KHOOSI. KHUSHIJI. THE LIFE OF IPK. I didn’t see a scooter, braids, jhumkas, etc. etc. And not being able to park a car =/= Khushi. Pft she knew how to change tires for heaven’s sake.
So, um, how exactly is this IPK part 2?

I mean y’all wanna go make new shows, go right ahead. Ain’t nobody gonna stop you. But trying to cash out on the IPK tag? Chee chee chee. I knew you people were low, but this low?

That promo was freaking hilarious though. (Other than the disgusting sexism of course. If I took everything shown on Indian TV seriously though, I’d have an aneurysm. Best to laugh it off, smh. Lawd knows how many angry rants I’ve posted that fell on deaf ears sigh sigh sigh).

Okay bye 5ever <3 

- Pagalia

PS. I miss so many of you <3333

PPS. I’m back on Tumblr on a personal blog, but come September I won’t be on very much. Anyway, message if you want the url! :)

See, you made a valid point. However, in a country like India don't you think it's a lot more prudent to NOT encourage mistreatment of women in their shows? Especially when the guy is made out to be some cool suave type with big money etc. I just think that India needs to really step away from that.

See first of all I just want to say I know NOTHING about the show other than the fact that the male lead is a complete asshole… judging by that I would just say the story has a LONG way to go. He starts off being an asshole and through different plot lines learns that women arent inferior to men, it is a love story after all. The female lead will change the male lead for the better, as cliched as that sounds its probably how it will work out. Take ipkknd for example… Arnav had evolved into a complete gentleman. LOL sort of..

I wandered off topic.. but basically showing someone who disrespects women on tv portrayed as been “cool” wont really change much. Its essentially showing the true mentality some people still believe in those who dont believe in it wont be affected by it at all, and if this show in the end miraculously shows something that might actually force them to alter their mindset, it would be all worth it. 

btw i would still suggest you look at the plot of Dil se Di Dua… Saubhagyavati Bhava?

- T 


Everyone needs to freaking calm down! Read this entire post (warning - long post) these are strictly my opinion and well if you would like to share your just msg! :D 

Ok.. so this morning a friend of mine sent me the link to the promo and more than anything I was shocked. Why was I shocked because frankly I hadnt seen this coming… (maybe its just that I had been out of the loop about all of this) 

But seeing everyone elses reaction is kinda pissing me off. Why, you ask? well here why : 

  1. "It’s Gul’s fault" - to who ever that says the, did you not learn ANYTHING from last time. She probably has NOTHING to do with this entire thing, she isnt event producing it! And the thing about Gul selling the right to the name.. I am not a law student or anything just this show is not called "Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon" its called "iss pyaar ko kya naam doon… ek baar phir" i dont know if this technically it actually exist but i think if you can copyright it on a different name like that. Or who knows maybe star plus owns the rights! Bottom like is give her a break! 
  2. "Star plus is just doing this for money" well it totally takes a genius to figure that out doesnt it (note the sarcasm here). Of course they are doing it for money! Ultimately, at the end of the day, they want to make money and not using the success of ipkknd would be just stupid! They have competition to deal with!  
  3. "i am not watching star plus ever again" - first do you watch anything other than ipkknd on star plus and if you do how is it fair to boycott other perfectly awesome shows like Veer ke Ardaaz Veera or Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon ki Chabi.. Meri bhabi… think rationally here
  4. "IPKKND Season 2" i wont say anything about this, arshiwhatthe said it really well and i agree with everything she said! Read here
  5. "showing the male lead insulting women is not setting a good example" please dont get me started about the shows out there that are not setting a good example! Like are you kidding me?  I can just as well say that the Saas-Bahu shows should not be shown because it would encourage mother-in-laws to verbally/physically abuse their daughter-in-law…They would do that whether you they see it or not, its a mentality and I personally would want to see this show more just knowing that they are going to show the male lead evolving and understanding that women CAN run the world if they wanted to. Has no one heard of the show Dil se Di Dua… Saubhagyavati Bhava? search it up! that show was an eye opener and encouraged many many women to step up and voice their issues! 

Finally i just want to say that this is a new show. Different actors (who dont seem to be okay actors), different character, different creepy music, different plot and even a different title. THIS IS NOT SEASON 2. Star Plus made it very clear as they didnt mention anywhere, anything about it being a carry forward of the that we left off at. The old people arent coming back, at least probably not in the characters they were in.  

Am i going to watch this show? - I am going to give it a try for sure 

well thats all for now, i have promised myself this morning when i first saw the promo that i would not post my opinion until i had more of an idea of what it was about after reading some of the posts i HAD to comment. Once again this is my opinion, if you dont agree well then you dont, if you want to tell me why you dont agree - send a ask/msg

- Titaliya



I heard about this a few days ago but they hadnt confirmed anything then but NOW….sdfjklfdshfdsjfskdj she is actually pregnant! <3333 sooo happy for them! She is going to be an awesome mom! 

For all those that want to read the article here you go:

- T